Parenting Energy is your website for making positive identity change and discovering how you can create the life you want, all by yourself.

This is all about you. It is about your life, and how you live it. It is about the way you handle your daily challenges, and how you become a better person. Parenting Energy is not for the fainthearted – if you want to learn from the guides, the most amazing source of all teachers, then you will learn everything you need to know about your heart, soul, mind and body right here, now.

You will be going on a journey with yourself! Looking to discover new ideas that will change your life for the better. Learning that creativity is not for the artistic – it is for everyone. You can create your life with your mind, now. Good luck, and enjoy the ride!

What is Parenting Energy?

The energy of life – the energy that connects us to our children – the energy that runs into and through us all. That is – love, intuition, attraction and attachment. Parenting Energy is all about understanding, respecting and creating the positive energy that connects us to our children for a happy family life.

  • Power your mind with fresh thoughts and ideas
  • Power your body with healthy food, self-healing and alternative therapies
  • Power your heart with ideas for loving and appreciating yourself, your spouse and your children – as well as unique opportunities for socialising and learning as a family
  • Power your soul with our encouragement to embrace your intuition

Explore our range of courses to take you from the very first moments of parenthood all the way into your new identity as a confident, self-healing, healthy, successful, passionate and intuitive parent. Click here to read more: The Positive, Healthy, Naturally School for Living Life

A brief history …

Joanna Becker founded Parenting Energy in 2013 to create a friendly public space to talk about ways to create better parenting lifestyles, with holistic health and especially the power of the mind.

Joanna Becker learns from the intuitive voice within her, who she discovered during a transformational phase while overcoming post-natal anxiety. This voice is the connecting point between human life, senses and consciousness, and a greater place of originality, connectedness and purpose. It is from this voice that Joanna learns the greatest tools for becoming the creator of life. This true source speaks through Joanna’s voice, types through Joanna’s hands, and is a writer in the Positive, Healthy, Naturally School for Living Life range of courses.

Joanna holds weekly social gatherings for mums to collaborate and enjoy each other’s company. Joanna is Parenting Energy’s Life and Energy Guide and course producer, and also a professional Marketing Communications Specialist (Digital and Direct). She takes special interest in natural healing, holistic living, healthy diets, resourceful and respectful homes, Steiner education, and developing creativity, musicality, and expression of self for parents and children alike.

Read more about your Life and Energy Guide, Joanna Becker, by clicking here.

Coming Soon: The ‘Faith In Me’ Birth Story Collection!

Please stay tuned for the upcoming release of ‘Faith In Me’ – a compilation of birth stories written by mums, and funded by The Parenting Energy Foundation (not-for-profit organisation supporting pregnant women and new mums). ‘Faith In Me’ is scheduled for release in March 2014. You can read more about the book and pre-order your copy by clicking here.

I support local farmers and believe in the power of fresh food.

Joanna Becker’s philosophy on food is ‘eat food grown in farms, not in labs’.
“I appreciate our bodies for the organic wonders that they are. As another natural-alternative parent (NAP) you might like these healthy recipes and whole-food preparation ideas that I personally create and serve to our family in our kid-friendly kitchen.”


Get started with Creativity now for an easier family life ….

Become a member for access to Joanna Becker’s Parenting Energy Catalogue – a growing list of stationery templates and crafty products.

“I design these products for my family life – celebrations, family planning, having fun with the kids, and for giving gifts to people I love. For a small membership fee you will have lifetime access to all of my designs, templates and instructions in ready-to-print files.”


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A high-vibrational home helps your family stay healthy, positive and happy, which gives you freedom to focus on the best things in life – your children and your parenting experience. My ideas – many inspired by living a creative and intuitive parenting life, are featured in my monthly newsletter. Sign up for Joanna Becker’s Parenting Energy newsletter.





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